“The most divine gift a child gives you is the expansion and growth of your own heart.” – Shamanic Astrologer, Andrea Bryant

I was talking with my friend Andrea recently.

“How are other parents doing it?” I partially asked and partially vented. “Two weeks off over Christmas followed by a federal holiday then another day off for a teacher service day plus one day of the flu and a snow day too. I don’t know of any employer in the valley who is that flexible. Thank goodness I work from home!”

“I know it,” she agreed. “That is why so many parents bring their kids back to school sick, because they don’t really have a choice. It really helps me appreciate stay-at-home parents all the more.”

“Yes,” I agreed. “I am fortunate that I work for myself, but all these days off in a row are causing me to go a little stir crazy.” We laughed.

“The plus side is,” I continued “I’m learning to be way more patient than I was two years ago.”

“And your heart will just keep opening more and more,” Andrea assured. “Because kids have this amazing way of stretching your auric field.”

Since I wasn’t quite understanding she continued.

“When my first son was born I gave him all my love,” she shared. “It felt like I had nothing left to give. So when I got pregnant with my second son I worried I wouldn’t love him enough because my heart was already full. But after I held my second son for the first time, another window of love opened, and I was loving him just as much. And though it’s still a mystery,” she smiled “the windows of love keep on opening, because the auric field just continues to grow.”

As I tucked Kiddo into bed later that night, I reflected on more of Andrea’s insightful words. “The most divine gift a child gives you is the expansion and growth of your own heart.”

Smiling, I kissed Kiddo on the forehead, being sure to give thanks for all of the beautiful windows of love we continue to share.


PS: I continue to refer to my daughter as “Kiddo” out of respect for her individual safety and privacy.

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