I have been sitting with my emotions more and more. Doing so has allowed me to recognize that the strong feelings I had for those little souls went way beyond my current reality.

Call it what you will: de ja vu, parallel universe, past life. Either way, my soul felt connected to them in a way no words can possibly describe.

It’s like when you meet someone for the “first time” and just know you are kindred spirits connected beyond the limitation of space and time.

I cannot logically explain it, yet my seeing them again unlocked my soul and gave it permission to move.

Another dimension opened up for me. It happened during a recent walking meditation. A portal began pulling at me much like the suction of a vacuum. Once inside the space, I could tell from my feelings that all I was experiencing was genuine and true.

The landscape was not of this era, giving me the impression of a different place and time. And, I somehow just knew those two children were mine but not in this lifetime, rather in a completely different space-time reality. Each memory belonged to my soul.

Having this experience was a gift. It has allowed me to move on and to heal. And my heart no longer aches the way it did, because I know they are in good hands in their new home. They are loved, they are fed, they are safe.

Thank you kiddos for crossing paths with me again. I am now at peace with whatever outcome is meant to be.

Thank you God-Source


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