A meme on Pinterest reads,
“Once upon a time I was a perfect parent.
Then I had children.
The end.”

Yes, our first placement arrived nearly a week ago.

For legality reasons I am unable to share any details (it’s part of protecting the child as a foster parent)

Be assured I am elated, exhausted, and overjoyed. 🙂

And that I can say this from my heart and my soul . . .

Dear Parents (my own included),
Please accept my apology.
I did not know how much time it takes to raise a child.
I didn’t understand that what normally takes 10 minutes now will take at least an hour

I did not understand how easily priorities shift throughout the day,
Or how “baby brain” can affect you so badly you can forget your own name unless you write it down.

I didn’t know that when you get sick, no one relieves you because parenthood must go on.

No, I did not know what I did not know.

So please accept my apologies. And please accept my gratitude too.

Thank you for your patience.
Thank you for your hugs.
Thank you for being a role model, an advisor, and an inspiration.
Thank you for always doing your very best at any given moment.
Thank you for your sacrifices.
Thank you for your teachings.
Thank you for all of your love.


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